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GEM MSc course - Housing

Lund University

When it comes to accommodation, there are many options open to a student in Lund. A good way of being introduced to student life is living in a dormitory, where you share a kitchen and living room with other students. Private or student apartments are also among the possibilities. Some students live outside Lund, in Malmö or Eslöv, for example, where it is easier to find a place to live. Communications are good and distances short.

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Students are accommodated in well-furnished rooms or apartments at the ITC International Hotel. The hotel and its annexes are located in the centre of Enschede, close to the ITC main building and close to the railway station, shopping centre, market and post-office. Additional facilities include a 24-hour reception/information desk, a self-service laundry, a restaurant, a bar and other recreation areas, an auditorium for films and meetings, and a basic medical service.

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ITC International Hotel and hotel room

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