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GEM MSc course - Consortium

The course is international not only in its context and participants, but also in its locations, with modules being conducted at European institutes with worldwide reputations in geo-information science for environmental modelling and management.

The two institutes offer first-class research and training facilities, and comply with the highest European academic standards. The course is a product of long-standing collaboration between the institutes concerned. This top-quality Master’s course is supported by the prestigious EU Erasmus Mundus programme and is open to full-fee paying students from the EU and the rest of the world. Moreover, we offer EU-funded scholarships to exceptional non-EU students.


Lund University

Centre for Geographical Information Systems

Lund, Sweden

Website: http://www.giscentrum.lu.se/


Lund University in Sweden is renowned for its education and research in geospatial analysis integrating biophysical and socio-economic systems and linking these to global systems.


University Twente, Faculty ITC

Department of Natural Resources Surveys

Enschede, The Netherlands

Website: http://www.itc.nl

Contact person: Laura Windig

E-mail: gem-msc-itc@utwente.nl


ITC in the Netherlands provides international education, research and project services in the field of geo-information science and earth observation using remote sensing and GIS. The aim of ITC's activities is the international exchange of knowledge, focusing on capacity building and institutional development in countries that are economically and/or technologically less advanced.

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  • Lunds Universitet