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Internship Australia, experiences of Toni Henwood, GEM 2014-2016

Internship Australia, experiences of Toni Henwood, GEM 2014-2016

Spending three months in the Southern Hemisphere, as part of the MSc GEM programme, was a dream that came true for me. Luminita and I landed in Australia after a whole day of being on an airplane leaving Europe in autumn, arriving to spring in Sydney.

Finding an apartment to stay in was not very easy but we both managed it within a week or so. I found a room in the bustling Darling Harbour in the heart of the city. To celebrate we went to Cairns to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland before classes started. Being a wildlife enthusiast, this was a great experience both in the sea and on land. I saw kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, a platypus, tropical birds, fish, stingrays, crocodiles and whales, to name a few all in less than a week.

We took the course Coastal Management at the university which meant a fieldtrip to Seven Mile Beach in New South Wales. This entailed working with a great group of students taking wave measurements, working together on a presentation and then writing an individual report. During one weekend I volunteered as a museum guide with ‘Open Sydney’ which gave me exclusive access to governmental buildings around the city. There is a lot to do in the city, visiting museums such as the maritime museum, the oldest buildings such as city hall, not to mention many beautiful parks like the botanical gardens. I also did several walks along the NSW coastline which are easily accessible by public transport.

Before leaving Australia for a winter in the north, I took a short trip to New Zealand and fell in love with the unique landscapes and friendly people of the country. That is a whole other story, but I am extremely grateful for the special opportunity and memories I made during my time ‘down under’.

Photos and captions:

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Swinging on a vine in the Daintree tropical forest on a wildlife spotting tour, Cairns

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Luminita and I (far right) with the other Coastal Management students overlooking Seven Mile Beach

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View of Circular Quay, Sydney taken from a finance building in November when I volunteered for 'Open Sydney' museum day

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Infamous Bondi, the closest beach to Sydney, which loved by surfers

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5. Meeting the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand on my short, but unforgettable trip

Warm Regards,

Toni Henwood

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