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Collaboration and Cooperation with Erasmus Mundus Association

Collaboration and Cooperation with Erasmus Mundus Association

Dear Erasmus Mundus Program Alumni,

Thank you for being part of the last EMAzing 10 years of excellence, partnership, diversity, friendship, training, and community. The experiences we share with the students of your EM programs are indescribable and undefinable. Being associated with EMA helps the students and alumni to gain a well-rounded perspective of the world, professional network and community of like minded individuals having a common identity of having undergone EM program in EU that shape hearts, minds, and souls. It give´s life-changing intercultural experiences and helps to gain a more positive outlook on life.

EMA community has a great potential which we need to bring out to tap the full potential of students and Alumni of EM programs and increase the sense of purpose and belonging. We would like to closely collaborate with the EM consortium's and the the EM program coordinators

a. to connect, inspire and share the good practice among the different cohorts of your program which is very important for the professional growth of your alumni and visibility of your program;

b. EMA has lots of experience in building alumni network and will be happy to share experience and look for synergies to explore potential collaboration;

c. Involve your consortium or others programs at your University in various EU Funded projects;

d. Help you promote and disseminate activities and projects related to the masters/doctorate programs through EMA newsletter to EC and EU delegations and other relevant stakeholders across the globe;

e. Provide EMA community and social media platform also disseminate information, documents etc. to have the maximum outreach and impact.  

We, the new Steering Committee 2017-2019, with renewed energy would like to improve communication, connectivity and increase sense of community through greater engagement of EM Consortia and relationship with the EM coordinators.

We request you to share the information on and spend 10 min's of your time to show us your passion and commitment you have for EMJMD/EMJD and EMA by expressing your opinion for EMAs future https://goo.gl/z3kRq2.

Secondly help us in spreading the information and requesting your consortium students and alumni to fill in Annual Graduate Impact Survey 2017 http://ow.ly/wkRr30fY7pT  (Deadline: October 22nd). The students and alumni can win a trip to Brussels to attend the EMA strategic meeting and meet the DG EAC Head Martine Reicherts, and the EC team and the new EMA SC contributing the future of EMA and also have a chance to to win an iPad Mini or Amazon voucher!

We would like to seek your  active engagement and participation to achieve this objective and outreach. So tune in with the new team, reach out to and help us reignite the passion to build stronger and recognized EM programs and EMA!

Yours Sincerely,

Pavan Sriram (On behalf of new SC)

President, Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association AISBL (EMA AISBL)

E-mail: president@em-a.eu

Web: http://www.em-a.eu/

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