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GEM MSc course - Modules

The GEM Course is divided into one foundation year (60 ECTS) and one year of specialization (60 ECTS). The foundation year is coordinated by the University Twente (The Netherlands) and Lund University (Sweden).

All students start in either The Netherlands or Sweden at the beginning of September. Due to the semester teaching method at Lund University, and the modular teaching method at University Twente, all students, independently of location, obtain the same basic knowledge in GIS, RS, statistics, environmental modelling and management, even though the sequence of topics is different reflecting the different curriculum structures of the two universities.

For a more detailed description please check the GEM MSc Study guide:

GEM MSc Study Guide 2015-2017

GEM MSc Study Guide 2016-2018

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The tables below presents a summary of the modules offered in the foundation year.

Module overview foundation year The Netherlands

UT module name, University Twente, The Netherlands

NL1 -3 GI Science and Earth Observation: a systems-based approach

NL4 Introduction to Natural Resources Management

NL5 System analysis for NRM

NL6 Geo-information for NRM

NL7 Mapping of Natural Resources

NL8 Monitoring of Natural Resources

NL9 Environmental Modelling: Causes and impacts of changing resources

NL10 Environmental Modelling: Societal Response and Reflection on NRM

NL11 Research skills

NL12 Advanced topic

Module overview foundation year Sweden

LU module name, Lund University, Sweden

SE1 Geographical Information Systems, Introduction

SE2 Geographical Information Systems: Advanced Course

SE3 Ecosystem Modelling

SE4 Satellite Remote Sensing

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